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Doom is a legend

Doom is awesome. Your mission  to save the planet from Demons. They've been here before  and slaughtered all the good guys judging by the dead.

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 Hey folks these are my first lyrics , I'm just learning more about lyric writing
   I do not build doom wads anymore,
what I have in my DoomChest is my Doom wad collection built by me b.d.e

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                                           Doom Solitaire

 Download here! Doom solitaire
Download Helldoom sky wads to use as a building base
Download Doom side scrolling game
Download brutaldoom black edition engine to use https://zandronum.com/


Doom Wads

Doomchest doom wad's by b.d.e
Requires a full version of doom to play, engine to use http://www.skulltag.com/
Download Disciple of doom
1-32 all level doom2 blood occultist doom wad by b.d.e



                           Download doomed soul's all episodes doom wad by b.d.e

                      Download Castle of rage doom2- 1-32 all level doom wad by b.d.e

                       Download Wrath of heretic all episodes heretic wad by b.d.e

                                Download Kilkorax all level hexen wad by b.d.e

               Download Truedoom kill the dead doom2-1-32 all level doom wad by b.d.e

                 Download doomer of hell episode e1m1-e1m2 doom wad project by b.d.e

                      Download Darkwar doom2 1-32 wolfendoom doom wad by b.d.e

Doom doom2 are Registered trademark's of id software

  Hexen is a trademark of GT Interactive. Heretic is trademark of Raven Games.



Doomer b.d.e

lyric writer and doombuilder

Doomer b.d.e

Author of helldoom website!
To whom it may concern I built doom wad's just for fun , I purchased the game doom when it was released to the public. I enjoy playing against demon's in doom ,helldoom game and warpigs game I built with R.G.M  my doom wads I built with doombuilder, about me I'm a German person born in America.I like to meet new friends and go to party's ,my friends and family are good people,I do not build doom wads anymore I completed my work ,I Thank webs for hosting my website, I am the ex author of helldoom.com I could not afford to keep that domain,This is still the original website, by the way some helldoom wads out their has nothing to do with me like this doom wad built by Xaser's failed doom project or this  helldoom think swift or you will regret,Their ok I have nothing bad to say about any doomers wads they create,Wads I created are in my doom chest and I fixed the screwed up door texture in doomed soul's,This is the upgraded version enjoy all my doom wads.
Join this website and become a doomer and use the helldoom forums share your doom wad creations or R.G.M games with other members here at helldoom,To all you Gamers who has downloaded my Doom wads and games thanks ,Their is no Viruses or Trojans in any of my downloads my work is published by webs and very legal!